This adult novel is famous/infamous, whichever way you want to put it really. I go with the latter.

I myself, not an expert in literary technique, found it poorly written and rather repetitive. A lot of sex and phrases: He filled me’, ‘long fingers’ and ‘fifty shades of …’.  Saying that however, does not mean I thought the book was horrifically bad. It is a simplistic idea that many would fear to persue and a rather saddening attempt at mainstream erotica.
Many are intrigued by 50 Shades of Grey due to it being dubbed ‘mummy porn’. In my opinion it is a book that reawakens awkward memories of youth and the trials and tribulations of developing yourself sexually. As for it being about BDSM (standing for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) I failed to find anything excessively raunchy. Sure there was some spanking and restraints but nothing more than ‘kinky’ or even ordinary (Christian puts it as ‘vanilla’) sex.
The novel is concerned with the love struck and deranged couple of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.  Actually, scrap that, there is a third character, Anastasia’s ‘inner goddess’/subconscious. the opposite of her blushing, insecure and virginal self. Oh and she too is rather unbearable at times in her quest of self discovery.  Christian, on the other hand, is a business giant, suave and miserable. Who says money buys happiness eh?
So this British literature loving, poverty stricken graduate falls for the desperately controlling Christian. All in all, the whole affair is a tad unrealistic. He is a billionaire, letting some unknown woman into his ‘Red Room of Pain’, trusting her and lavishing her in unwanted gifts, as she swiftly adjusts from virgin, to sex goddess. A transformation that takes place all in less than twenty four hours. Every mans fantasy, it would seem.
The plot is also basic. Anastasia finishes college, meets Christians parents, moves home, visits her parents and this is all before the big and disappointing finale. Did I forget to mention the frequent sex at Christians multi-million dollar love pad during it all? All this is constructed around Christians constant nagging of Anastasia to sign his BDSM contract, something she opposes according to her mood of the day.
Overall, 50 Shades of Grey is worth the read if you like simplistic language, mediocre sex scenes or are truly bored. It pens out the tale of two very confused and unhinged characters, seemingly unsure of how to function in ordinary society and I think that is where the majority of the appeal comes from. Everyone loves the unknown, confused and messed up.