Skin Care Review: Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Box

I was delighted when my Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Box* came to the door. I just love a huge box full of beauty goodies and this box does not skimp on content. It contains an array of treats to ‘shower, soften and bathe your way to gorgeousness’. 

Lush are a really eco-friendly company whose packaging can be easily recycled or reused. With a box as pretty as ‘Hello Gorgeous’, who would ever want to throw it away? It is also adorned with the cutest pink ribbon! What I love most about Lush, is that the majority of their products are vegan or vegetarian society approved, making them accessible to everyone! Everything is fresh, handmade and effective. Lush even inform you of the person or team who prepared your product, and when they did so. As lush ingredients are natural, it is best to use their products as soon as possible, if you can resist them that is!
 The beautiful navy floral print box includes: the ‘Think Pink Bath Ballistic’, ‘The Comforter Bubble Bar’ (200g), ‘Vanilla Dee-lite’ (100g), ‘Rub Rub Rub shower scrub’ (140g) and a trial size ‘Gorgeous moisturiser’ (10g).
The centerpiece of this Gift Box (funny, considering it is the smallest product!) is the introduction of the ‘Gorgeous moisturiser’. This facial moisturiser is their self-confessed greatest to date, containing 6 plant oils and fruit juices. It smells delicious and a key scent is indistinguishable! It is a very light, offering a real softness to the skin.
The ‘Vanilla Dee-Lite’ body lotion went on very thick but surprisingly sank into my skin within minutes, leaving a lovely and subtle scent of vanilla that lasted the day. It reminds me of a nice vanilla scented perfume. The use of fresh ingredients such as kiwi also impressed me, this bottle is filled to the brim with a variety of skin conditioning greats!
Rub Rub Rub shower scrub impressed me also, appealing as a unisex product (although apparently ‘blossom-scented’) and infused with mineral-rich sea salt. It has a fresh smell and a really gritty feel, exfoliating away any dry skin. It also lathers up like a shower gel, leaving you with a truly invigorating and squeaky clean feel.  You can even use it on your hair!
‘The Comforter’ bubble bar is Lush’s best selling bubble bar and I can see why. It has a swirled appearance and strong blackcurrant scent. Crumbling it under the tap it encouraged a mountain of bubbles in my bath and left me smelling very sweet.
Another sweet treat is the ‘Think Pink’ bath ballistic. This cute little bomb is adorned with 3 flowers and scents of vanilla, tonka and lavender.  Placing it my bath I was amazed by an explosion of glitter and shaped confetti (I shall let is surprise you!). It really is a mood booster and the bath quickly transformed into the most wonderful shade of pink.
Overall, this box is fabulous! With some delicious and sweet-smelling products that will leave you feeling as gorgeous as Lush promised. It is also great value for money, so I advise you treat yourself or someone special!
Have you ever received a Lush gift box? What is your favourite Lush product?
Stephanie xox
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