Fashion: Powerpuff x Moschino launches S/S 2016 collection


A quick peek at the Powerpuff x Moschino collection

Every 90’s kid just screamed a little. Yes, Moschino (headed by Jeremy Scott) and The Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network) have collaborated as part of their spring/summer 2016 collection.

Moschino has successfully mixed high-end fashion with sugar, spice and everything nice. Not a hint of Chemical X in sight!

The Powerpuff x Moschino collection launched in Los Angeles earlier this week featuring an array of adorably kick-ass clothing, leisure wear and accessories.

Emblazoned with images of cutesy Bubbles, sassy Blossom and boisterous Buttercup (everyone had a favourite), demonstrating pop-culture at its finest and igniting some serious nostalgia on the runway.

Some of the Powerpuff x Moschino collection is already available to shop on the Moschino website.

I am being truly optimistic in hoping I will get my hands on the green short dress. At £371, I would be so lucky.

Let’s face it, every 90’s girl and boy wanted to be a superhero after binge-watching this terrific trio and this collection is utterly fabulous.

What do you think of the Powerpuff x Moschino collaboration? What’s your favourite item in the collection?

Stephanie xox

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