Home and Accessories Review: Bomb Cosmetics ‘Passion Fruit Sundae’ Tinned Candle

Accessories can really make a room at times, they are personal, gorgeous and can really help to create that perfect space.
I adore anything “pretty” and unique. When I came across the tinned candle collection by Bomb Cosmetics I instantly fell in love. I was tempted by the Vintage Velvet Tinned Candle but after a nudge in the right direction chose the Passion Fruit Sundae Tinned Candle*.
Oh gosh was this the perfect choice! This is one of Bomb Cosmetics most popular products and I can see why. Firstly, the packaging is just beautiful. A golden tin with regal looking purple covering and gold letters stating this candle to be “easy like a Sunday morning“. I can see why, the smell just makes you feel so relaxed!
It is a very sweet citrus smell, a perfect combination of the two, the passion fruit fragrance is strong and other notes include peach, mango and satsuma. Talk about a fruity treat eh! Bomb Cosmetics themselves say: “We pride ourselves on making our product not only smell and feel wonderful on your skin, but it also must look beautiful too!” The candle within features a gorgeous bright yellow colour with the addition of four pretty orange hearts, just lovely upon a bedside table
Did I mention that all the products made by Bomb Cosmetics are all handmade on the premises, as natural as possible and packed full of love essential oils? The Passion Fruit Sundae candle is graced with the addition of pure orange and mandarin essential oils and has an approximate burn time of around 35 hours.
What do you think of Bomb Cosmetics tinned candles? What is your favourite fragrance of candle? 
Stephanie xox
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