Home Review: English Rose Party Bunting

Nothing quite says  English garden party and charm like some bunting draped across the lawn in the summertime.
However, for those of us living in student accommodation and therefore not having lawns (or any real recreational space), we must beautify our bedrooms.
This pretty and floral English Rose Party Bunting from dotcomgiftshop is just perfect to add a bit of vintage charm, be it on a sunny day or to improve the look of a room.Measuring eight metres in length it is just perfect for draping along your wall or across the garden before an important and fun-filled event.
I myself chose to tac the beautiful spring and summer time pennants close together in my room. As the board I have is not particularly long, I still had plenty of pennants to spare!
The fifteen pennants come in five different patterns, repeating them in order as you go along, a lovely combination of roses, sprigs and blossoms.
I am such a fan of floral prints and the brightness and variety of the colours just gets me every time.  I would imagine with proper care you would be able to use it outside for many years to come.
As the bunting is made from cotton it is also super easy to clean and freshen up, leaving everything looking a bit nicer and more festive.
Do you not just adore this bunting? What are you plans for parties this summer? 

Stephanie xox
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