My first tattoo experience



It has taken me six year to take the plunge and get my first tattoo and I am glad I waited it out. Here is my first tattoo experience:

I wanted to be 100% sure and to satisfy my mother (she has never liked tattoos). Since my early teenage years I have wanted the above. This little illustration of a robin has a lot of meaning to myself and it is something I find myself often shy about sharing the story behind (odd for me considering how often I talk and write!).

The tattoo is in memory of my late grandfather. As a child I was very imaginative, believing that after he died he came back to visit me as a little robin on frosty days and even some sunny ones.

Whenever I saw the pretty red-breasted bird I would always have a great day and it has remained the same my entire life and is a great comfort for me when times are a bit tough.

Strange to some, but it keeps me happy knowing I will always have it. In a way, it keeps my grandfather close to me!

Do you like it? Do you have any tattoos?

Stephanie xox