Live Review: St Giles Fair, Oxford

St Giles Fair Oxford

St. Giles’ Fair has been an Oxford tradition and annual affair since the 13th century. Each September, people attend in their masses to the two-day event. Held in Oxfords city centre, the fair is always on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month. The funfair is particularly popular with local children, calming them before they begin intense studying during their first term. It is a place to see familiar faces and catch up with close friends.

The rides have got more impressive lately, varying in price but generally between £2.50 and £5. Running till around 11pm, the prices increase later in the evening as the crowds gather. My selection of rides were pitiful in scare factor this year, and hardly the choice of a daredevil as I dashed to Twister, the Waltzers, and The Ghost Train.

The Waltzers were the usual affair, ‘scream if you want to go faster girls’ and oh we did. Who doesn’t want to? We all know we will come off feeling nauseous, but the fun of it brings us back every time.

My fear of The Ghost Train stems from my childhood. I decided to ride alone and a live actor in his ghost-faced splendour began squirting me with water. This resulted in me punching the poor guy in the face, running out crying and swearing to myself I would never board one of those dreaded carts again. Since that moment, my childhood fear has dwindled, and I dared to enter The Ghost Train once more, Thankfully, there were no live actors and the experience, interior and decor were a tad rubbish, to be frank! I guess at 19 I can finally say I am no longer terrified.

Twister is one of my funfair favourites. Raring to go we sang along to the club classics and waved our hands in the air, ready for the laughter the tame ride would bring before the rush home. Little did we know that the ride would completely shut down moments later. This was definitely a first for me and thankfully was not on one of the bigger rides. Annoyingly, they did not get it working again, giving us a fifteen-second ride and a full refund. This is the reason I am weary of fun fairs, yet addicted to theme parks. Safety is a BIG thing for me.
The evening was fun, filled with laughter, candy floss, and dizzy spells. If you are ever in Oxford at the beginning of September I would definitely recommend visiting. There is a little something for everyone and the atmosphere is lovely amidst the music and flashing lights. Opt for the bigger rides, if you’re brave enough that is!
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