High Intensity Hiit trampoline workout at Rebound Revolution Bicester 💪

Rebound Revolution Bicester

Rebound Revolution Bicester review

So, let me hit this post off by establishing something, I am pretty unfit at the moment. You know when you get a little bit busier and a little more indulgent, well the lb fairy has certainly paid me a visit over the past few months.

I guess it is time to do something about it and I have made the executive decision to get my backside into gear and shift a few pounds. Looking around my local area, I was a little put off by the gyms which seemed to all want to wrangle me into a 12 month contract – no thank you.

When I realised that the newly opened trampoline park next door to me did fitness classes, I was pretty intrigued and decided to take the plunge. Rebound Revolution Bicester offers a selection of workout classes and I opted for the High Intensity Hiit Workout Class.

So, what do I think of Rebound Revolution Bicester?

I have to admit, I was pretty terrified walking across but what could be more fun than bouncing yourself to fitness eh?  Arriving, I was given a pair of grip socks (included in the price) and ushered over by the peppy and lovely instructor.

I have to admit, at times during this hour-long session I could have dropped to the floor, but the feeling afterward was incredibly euphoric – I must keep in mind that fitness is great for your mental health.

After an intense mixture of aerobics moves, circuits, stretches and yoga positions, resistance and core training, I felt sweaty as hell and pretty damn accomplished. I will be returning and would highly recommend anyone give trampolining workout classes a try.

The fantastic class aside, the trampoline park itself is great, with 50 trampolines, a climbing wall, giant leap platform and airbag, wipeout area, basketball hoops and foam pit.

You can book from the Rebound Fiit selection of workout classes here.

Would you ever try a trampolining fitness class? How do you stay fit? 

Stephanie xox

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  • MentalHealthSupport

    I used to do trampolining the Olympic sport and it kept me so fit! I haven’t found a trampolining class that I can do in the new city I moved to a few months ago but I’m going to try this instead! Thanks!

    • Hey,

      Did you find that it toned you as well? I am hoping to shift some weight with it alongside starting to run!

      Stephanie xox

      • MentalHealthSupport

        Yeah definitely. Especially your abs and legs. But you need to make sure you use your core to protect your back because it can be damaging.

        • Thank you for the heads up, lovely! I will be sure to be careful! 🙂

          Stephanie xox

  • Nicola

    I’d love to try this; it looks like so much fun!

  • Aimsy’s Antics

    I really enjoyed the trampoline fitness class when I did it at my local place. My body ached for days after! Your post has made me want to try it again.
    Aimsy xoxo

    • Hey Aimsy,

      I honestly think I may be onto something with it, booked myself in for this Tuesday too. I felt absolutely shattered and I am hurting too so it must be doing something right!

      You so should!

      Stephanie xox

  • Farrah Aslam

    I applaud you for doing this!! I don’t know if I ever could – I’ve been to a few trampoline parks in the past and after jumping for about 10 mins I’m ready to pass out 😂😂 xx

    • Aha thank you, lovely!

      It was such hard work but made me feel so accomplished aha. Booked myself in again for tomorrow, here’s to hoping it leads to results. 💪

      Stephanie xox