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You can find the most beautiful things in the strangest of places. After being dragged from my bed by my mother and uncle on a humid summer morning to go to hunting for paint and work tools I found a few treasures.

We trekked to a place called Orinoco (‘the Oxfordshire scrap store’), where they sell an array of nearly-new and used items. The place literally has everything. So, every time my mother decides to redecorate the entire house she searches for her paints there first.

I stumbled half asleep around the place before my mother encouraged me to dig around a little.

With some deep rooting around I found some lovely things, including two glass crystal refillable perfume bottles, an ingrained light brown leather notebook holder, a beautifully detailed red, gold and blue Stratton jewellery box and a selection of pretty coloured classic literature books (I have an obsession with pretty covered classics, it is slightly ridiculous – I may just have to do a post on my ever growing collection in the near future).

Best part? I got all of these items for a pound! Madness I know.

What is your favourite vintage find? Where do you hunt them out?

Stephanie xox

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