Chase & Status, No More Idols Album ReviewChase & Status No More Idols Album Review 

After the release of their debut album ‘More Than Alot’, Chase & Status have been looking to hit a more global market. ‘No More Idols’ is a skilled album, enabling us to see exactly what the drum and bass duo can do.
‘No More Idols’ includes a play on their typical genre and numerous collaborations. The most well-known track on the album is the notorious ‘End Credits’ with Plan B, featured last in the track listing which came as a bit of a surprise considering its popularity.

Other famous collaborations include ‘Heavy’ featuring Dizzee Rascal, ‘Hitz’ featuring Tinie Tempah and ‘Brixton Briefcase’ featuring CeeLo Green. The album also presents a collaboration with the up and coming Claire Maguire.
The boys have roped in some pretty big names in the business. It does make one wonder though if perhaps they are compensating for something. The introduction of other genres also supports this. Do the boys believe they cannot go it alone on their raw talent? Such as the great DnB artists such as Pendulum manage to do.
There is no doubt the album is superb but it is hardly a solo act on Chase and Statuses part. These big names are definitely a support to the boys. Ah but we have been here before with ‘More Than Alot’, the help of other musicians helped to boost Chase and Status into the mainstream. A place where they are desperate to stay.
‘No More Idols’ represents this desperation. The album features more collaborations however and the diversity of genres could be looked upon in a positive light also. Sure the boys are leaving their original roots and developing to fit the appeal of today, but isn’t this what we demand? We should embrace these changes, opening up to alternative audiences means a little something for everyone.
Chase & Status are incredible live, where they can present the raw energy of their sets. The album merely lacks the masses dancing to it. The songs are made to be blown through club speakers. ‘Hitz’ is particularly impressive. The fusion of genres works extremely well, Tinie’s old school hip hop infuses perfectly with the boys cleverly manipulated sound. ‘Brixton Briefcase’ proves a bit of a disappointment but of no fault of Chase and Status, It is not the best performance by CeeLo and sounds like a very dodgy and simplistic club track. It lacks the soulful aura that CeeLo often presents. One of the best songs however on the album has to be the opening ‘No Problem’, with an intense beat and sly vocals. It features tribal rhythms and sick trance beats that will ensure you get to and stay on your feet.’
Overall, the album is very good. With the intense beats, variety of featuring artists, and memorable lyrics this album fails to not impress.
1.    No Problem
2.    Fire In Your Eyes (Ft Maverick Sabre)
3.    Let You Go (ft Mali)
4.    Blind Faith (ft Liam Bailey)
5.    Fool Yourself (ft Plan B & Rage)
6.    Hypest Hype (ft Tempa T)
7.    Hitz (ft Tinie Tempah)
8.    Heavy (vs Dizzee Rascal)
9.    Brixton Briefcase (ft CeeLo Green)
10.    Hocus Pocus
11.    Flashing Lights (ft Sub Focus & Takura)
12.    Embrace (ft White Lies)
13.    Time (ft Delilah)
14.    Midnight Caller (ft Clare Maguire)
15.    End Credits (ft Plan B)