I was delighted when my Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Box* came to the door. I just love a huge box full of beauty goodies and this box does not skimp on content. It contains an array of treats to ‘shower, soften and bathe your way to gorgeousness’. 

Lush are a really eco-friendly company whose packaging can be easily recycled or reused. With a box as pretty as ‘Hello Gorgeous’, who would ever want to throw it away? It is also adorned with the cutest pink ribbon! What I love most about Lush, is that the majority of their products are vegan or vegetarian society approved, making them accessible to everyone! Everything is fresh, handmade and effective. Lush even inform you of the person or team who prepared your product, and when they did so. As lush ingredients are natural, it is best to use their products as soon as possible, if you can resist them that is!
 The beautiful navy floral print box includes: the ‘Think Pink Bath Ballistic’, ‘The Comforter Bubble Bar’ (200g), ‘Vanilla Dee-lite’ (100g), ‘Rub Rub Rub shower scrub’ (140g) and a trial size ‘Gorgeous moisturiser’ (10g).
The centerpiece of this Gift Box (funny, considering it is the smallest product!) is the introduction of the ‘Gorgeous moisturiser’. This facial moisturiser is their self-confessed greatest to date, containing 6 plant oils and fruit juices. It smells delicious and a key scent is indistinguishable! It is a very light, offering a real softness to the skin.
The ‘Vanilla Dee-Lite’ body lotion went on very thick but surprisingly sank into my skin within minutes, leaving a lovely and subtle scent of vanilla that lasted the day. It reminds me of a nice vanilla scented perfume. The use of fresh ingredients such as kiwi also impressed me, this bottle is filled to the brim with a variety of skin conditioning greats!
Rub Rub Rub shower scrub impressed me also, appealing as a unisex product (although apparently ‘blossom-scented’) and infused with mineral-rich sea salt. It has a fresh smell and a really gritty feel, exfoliating away any dry skin. It also lathers up like a shower gel, leaving you with a truly invigorating and squeaky clean feel.  You can even use it on your hair!
‘The Comforter’ bubble bar is Lush’s best selling bubble bar and I can see why. It has a swirled appearance and strong blackcurrant scent. Crumbling it under the tap it encouraged a mountain of bubbles in my bath and left me smelling very sweet.
Another sweet treat is the ‘Think Pink’ bath ballistic. This cute little bomb is adorned with 3 flowers and scents of vanilla, tonka and lavender.  Placing it my bath I was amazed by an explosion of glitter and shaped confetti (I shall let is surprise you!). It really is a mood booster and the bath quickly transformed into the most wonderful shade of pink.
Overall, this box is fabulous! With some delicious and sweet-smelling products that will leave you feeling as gorgeous as Lush promised. It is also great value for money, so I advise you treat yourself or someone special!
Have you ever received a Lush gift box? What is your favourite Lush product?
Stephanie xox

MyMix Foundation in Fair01

MyFace Cosmetics MyMix Foundation in Fair01 review

I find foundation to be the most basic and important product in any beauty regime, it can really make or break a look.

First step is to find the right colour for you. This is something I often struggle with, it would genuinely shock you the amount of money I have wasted with my naivety when on the hunt for the perfect foundation. The next step is deciding the type of foundation you want, be it liquid, powder of mouse. I opt for liquid, finding it to working better on my normal/dry skin.
I decided to try out MyFace Cosmetics MyMix Foundation in Fair01*. MyFace Cosmetics work via a simple and effective system when it comes to their products, placing them into one of three categories: fair, medium and medium/dark. With this in mind, they use well-known celebrities to give you an understanding of what tiers (labeled from 1 to 3, the latter being the darkest) you fall into within the category. I found this extremely helpful, matching my skin tone (Fair01) to the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson in seconds.
I found the contents to be quite fluid and this was rather frustrating. This in mind, I applied the foundation using my finger tips and my well-loved ‘dot’ method (I shall show this one day!) and the coverage was lovely. It felt like a second skin with its matt finish and clean smell. After a day of wear it was still firmly on, and my skin looked bright and felt wonderfully smooth. I was amazed that it had not dried it out and left my face feeling hydrated.

So, did MyFace Cosmetics MyMix Foundation in Fair01 offer the healthy glow they promised?

My answer is yes!This is the perfect foundation for normal/dry/combination skin tones (I find liquid foundations on oily skin tend to wear off quickly but it may work with a primer). However, the ‘colour-correcting formula’ can only go so far. I believe the product to sufficiently reduce redness but am doubtful as to whether it would work as an entire cover up on acne prone skin.

I also adored the colour match method, it is as flawless as the foundation and guarantees a perfect match every time! The packaging is also a bonus, the tube is sleek, making it easy to slip into the smallest of bags. With impressive coverage and delightful texture, there is no need to worry about top ups!
You will feel the fairest of them all! If you are as pale as me that is…
Stephanie xox

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Rococo Chocolates Bee Bars Review

Rococo Chocolates Bee Bars review

Rococo Chocolates are a luxury treat, offering delicious chocolates filled with natural goodness. They are a company that outright refuse the use of artificial products, sourcing the best ingredients and keeping their customers healthy and happy with their sweet treats.

I was lucky enough to sample the following from the Rococo Chocolates Bee Bars collection, distinguished by their bright pastel colours and bee pattern upon the chocolate mould:

40% Cocoa Organic Milk Chocolate Bee Bar
– The sweet classic. This slow melting treat is created using cocoa beans harvested from Rococo Chocolates ‘home farm’ in North Grenada. Extra cocoa butter is added to the 40% cocoa solid bar to create its creamy texture and rich flavour, sweetened further by a hint of caramel. This bar is simply delicious, defining Rococo Chocolates craftsmanship in its best and plainest form.

Rose Organic Milk Chocolate Bee Bar – This floral treat is perfumed and fragrant, bringing back memories of my grandmothers garden. Rose infused, this chocolate is the most delicious of the bunch! The distinct flavour is due to the key ingredient pure rose otto, a fragrant and flavoured oil created from steam distilling roses. Think the best turkish delight you could possibly try. 

Sea Salt Organic Milk Chocolate Bee Bar – The Sea Salt Bee Bar was my favourite of the selection, a mix of savoury and sweet and done so to perfection. The peculiar bar is ingrained with delicate grains of sea salt, leaving  its taste and creating a dramatic contrast on the old taste buds.  Rococo’s founder, Chantal, was inspired ‘after walking along a beach eating an ice cream with the salt in the sea air catching on her lips’. Although wonderful, I would be wary of this salt infused bar, if you get greedy, you will be feeling a tad sea sick!

Cardamom Organic White Chocolate Bee Bar – This was the most unique bar for me. It is infused with cardamom, a luxury aromatic ground spice and a flavour that I have not experienced before. It is prominent within the bar, offering a bitty and flavoursome texture against the sweetness of the white chocolate.  

These 20g bars are priced at £1.60 each and worth every penny for a delicious ethically-sourced treat.

Have you tried Rococo Chocolates? What is your favourite type of chocolate? 

Stephanie xox

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Percy & Reed 'Va-Va Voom Volume' Travel Pack

Percy & Reed Va-Va Voom Volume Travel Pack review

A relaxing bath after a long day is one of the nicest ways to spend your evening. Even better, is trying out your new Va-Va Voom Volume Travel Pack* by Percy & Reed.

Percy & Reed are masterminds in the world of hair care. Hairdressers themselves, they know exactly how to work your locks.  After opening up a salon in London the duo started working on their own range of hair care products. Va-Va-Voom Volume Travel Pack was born!

So, as one can expect, the ‘Volumising Shampoo’ and ‘Volumising Conditioner’ first. What strikes me instantly with Percy & Reed products is the incredible and individual smells of each item, utterly delicious and noticeable. The shampoo is scented with blackcurrant extract.

So, what did I think of the Percy & Reed Va-Va Voom Volume Travel Pack?

After this sleek and squeaky clean experience, I attempted to add some volume and shine with the remaining products. I half towel dried and half blow dried my hair and began to experiment. I started with the ‘Bodifying Cream’, working it from root to tip as instructed and immediately started seeing results and bounce!

Having quite thick hair, I often use a variety of additional products and this set is just perfect, containing literally everything you need. Following the oh so useful styling tips along the bottle, I used the ‘No Oil Oil’ (for fine hair unfortunately, but understandable as this is a volumising kit and us thick haired ladies are usually satisfied with the size of our manes) and ‘Volumising Mousse’ in unison: ‘Expect glossy, voluminous weightless movement and finish when you mix the Volumising Mousse with No Oil Oil for fine hair’. 

I got what I was promised and was left with shiny, full and wonderful smelling hair! Percy & Reed also claim that the violet extract and consistently used pro-vitamin B5 in the ‘No Oil Oil’ repairs and protects damaged hair. As for the ‘Volumising Mousse’, it did not leave the nasty gunk usually associated with this kind of product. I finished this off with a pretty well holding spritz of the ‘Session Hold Hairspray’.

Overall, I think this little kit is fabulous, containing everything you need for beautiful and glamorous hair every time. The little styling tips offer a  personal touch, giving you a step-by-step guide as if Percy & Reed were personally at your disposal. It is also not particularly time-consuming and do-able daily! The kit is priced at £24 and includes all of the above.

It looks like Percy & Reed are my new hair Gods! Have you tried any Percy & Reed products? 

Stephanie xox

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St Giles Fair Oxford

St. Giles’ Fair has been an Oxford tradition and annual affair since the 13th century. Each September, people attend in their masses to the two-day event. Held in Oxfords city centre, the fair is always on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month. The funfair is particularly popular with local children, calming them before they begin intense studying during their first term. It is a place to see familiar faces and catch up with close friends.

The rides have got more impressive lately, varying in price but generally between £2.50 and £5. Running till around 11pm, the prices increase later in the evening as the crowds gather. My selection of rides were pitiful in scare factor this year, and hardly the choice of a daredevil as I dashed to Twister, the Waltzers, and The Ghost Train.

The Waltzers were the usual affair, ‘scream if you want to go faster girls’ and oh we did. Who doesn’t want to? We all know we will come off feeling nauseous, but the fun of it brings us back every time.

My fear of The Ghost Train stems from my childhood. I decided to ride alone and a live actor in his ghost-faced splendour began squirting me with water. This resulted in me punching the poor guy in the face, running out crying and swearing to myself I would never board one of those dreaded carts again. Since that moment, my childhood fear has dwindled, and I dared to enter The Ghost Train once more, Thankfully, there were no live actors and the experience, interior and decor were a tad rubbish, to be frank! I guess at 19 I can finally say I am no longer terrified.

Twister is one of my funfair favourites. Raring to go we sang along to the club classics and waved our hands in the air, ready for the laughter the tame ride would bring before the rush home. Little did we know that the ride would completely shut down moments later. This was definitely a first for me and thankfully was not on one of the bigger rides. Annoyingly, they did not get it working again, giving us a fifteen-second ride and a full refund. This is the reason I am weary of fun fairs, yet addicted to theme parks. Safety is a BIG thing for me.
The evening was fun, filled with laughter, candy floss, and dizzy spells. If you are ever in Oxford at the beginning of September I would definitely recommend visiting. There is a little something for everyone and the atmosphere is lovely amidst the music and flashing lights. Opt for the bigger rides, if you’re brave enough that is!

Flowerbomb Viktor & Rolf perfume review

Flowerbomb Viktor & Rolf review

Viktor & Rolf”s Flowerbomb of 2005 has got to be one of the nicest floral smelling perfumes on the  market.
It is my all time favourite fragrance. Holding a place upon my dresser in its exquisite multi-faceted, diamond inspired, bottle for over three years now.

So, what do I think of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf?

Flowerbomb is a sophisticated scent, an mille-fleur explosion, oozing with femininity. Its top notes include fresh green tea and fragrant bergamot.
Like the previously reviewed Alien by Thierry Mugler, the perfume is dominated by the richly feminine sambac jasmine. The heart of Flowerbomb also contains a floral mix of the Dutch centifolia rose, sweet freesia and the tropical cattleya orchid, as sweet as any flower.
The base notes are a contrasting mix of musk, patchouli and sweet powder. The musk aiding the staying power of the fragrance. Flowerbomb is available in eua de parfum and eau de toilette, the concentrated EDP had an incredible staying ability. The cheaper, but equally as exquisite EDT, shares its impressive lingering nature but for the sake of a few pounds its worth opting for the EDP. The patchouli promotes Flowerbombs oriental scent, acting as a background to the floral setting as the powder leaves the skin soft to the touch and smelling glamorous.
 Just writing this makes me want to splash out on another bottle and I advise you sample it also!

Have you tried Alien by Thierry Mugler? What is your favourite perfume?

Stephanie xox

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