impress nails review

I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with my nails of late, I say a bit, they are in an utterly dreadful state. After falling madly and deeply in love with acrylics, I soon discovered the sorry state that they had left my nails in.

I am now in the process of attempting to grow them naturally. So, when I came across the ImPress stick-on nails, I was rather excited. My initial reaction was how pretty they were – everyone loves a bit of glitter – and how lovely the nail varnish bottle shaped packaging they came in was.

Taking them out of their rather cute casing, I cleaned my nails with the provided wipe, roughened their surface a little with the inclusive file, and peeled off the plastic tab on each nail. Application of the nails was an utter breeze, with each nail firmly sticking on due to its gelled backing.

SO, What did i think of the stick-on impress nails?

They look absolutely wonderful on, and I wish my nails could actually look this pretty daily! Although seemingly secure, unfortunately, I did lose a thumb nail by day two and had to seek out some nail glue elsewhere. Although I salvaged it and reapplied the nail, it was a shame that it hadn’t lasted its promised week.

However, the rest have been very secure, and I do partly blame my long hair for catching the nails and teasing them up. This isn’t overly practical for someone who commutes in rush hour within London daily – my hair is literally everywhere.

Overall, I am very impressed with the ImPress nails, the selection available is extensive – and fabulous – and they really are a great alternative to acrylics and gels. I have found them to damage my nails so terribly now that I will probably avoid them all together now. If you are looking to grow your nails without damage, ImPress nails are for you.

Have you tried ImPress nails? What do you think of the ones I have chosen?
Stephanie xox


By 22, most girls are well accustomed to vigorous nail care routines. I am a bit useless with all that, I guess some things never change.

I love having pretty nails, but mine are so horrendously weak that as soon as I get some length to them, they snap. It is not a good time in the slightest.

After seeing my friend Anna get her nails done, the envy crept in. I had enough of being frustrated with trying to maintain my nails and had to get them done professionally, so I booked an appointment the next day.

I went to Amy Nails, in the Oxford town centre, enticed more so by an offer for acrylic nails for a very reasonable twenty pounds. She confirmed this would be the price (it wasn’t) and began to clip away.

My manicurist was a bit of a witch if I am honest, she didn’t talk much, tutted at me far too often (I clumsily smudged my nails at one point, oops) and was very efficient but miserable. At least she got the job done I guess.

I opted for an OPI varnish, which I found to be very similar (almost identical) to my favourite nail varnish, Arabian of the Aquarium Collection by Barry M.

All dried and finished I have to admit I love my new lengthy nails, she brushed them down with some oil and asked for twenty six pounds. I obliged and left, never again.

I have to admit, these acrylics have taken a little bit of getting used to but here I am typing away now. Just don’t ask me to open a jar…

Have you ever had acrylic nails? What is your favourite nail varnish?

Stephanie xox



Barry M Aqaurium Arabian Nail Varnish

After being gifted this Barry M nail varnish by my beautiful friend Paulina I have been wearing it relentlessly for the last fortnight. I am not even kidding, I have truly fallen in love.

This nail varnish is Arabian, a duo-chrome colour of gold and green. It is so vivid and striking and honestly reminds me of mermaids (particularly Disney’s Ariel who would totally rock this colour if animation sprung to life).

The varnish is part of Barry M’s Aquarium collection which hosts four other duo-chrome varnishes and two glitter top coats.

The duo-chromes are all named after seas, the pink/gold is Mediterranean, the peach/gold is Caspian and blue/gold is Pacific.


barry m aquarium collection2-vert

Arabian goes on very well and you may even get away with the one coat if you are careful and dainty (unfortunately, I am not). I always finish with a top coat and pray for a miracle that I will not chip my nails. You could always opt for the Aquarium glitter top coats (Mermaid and Treasure Chest) if you want a bit more sparkle.

I am now a serious fan of duo-chromes and hope to adopt the other three Aquarium varnishes. In respect of their name they are beautifully aquatic and I can never resist a vivid green manicure (perhaps I am odd).

What do you think of Arabian? What is your favourite colour nail varnish?

Stephanie xox