Fashion Review: DIY Levi Jeans

 Levi DIY

So I cheated on this one a little and bought my shorts pre-cut and dyed from a very wet and muddy Y Not? Festival this summer and for a reasonable £15…

However, I have seen high-waisted customised shorts like these cost as much as £50 and that is just a little too extortionate for my liking!

I studded the pockets of these jeans myself with golden spiked studs from eBay, a pointed screwdriver and chalk. Drawing the guidance lines with the chalk it was a very swift affair and I literally just spaced them out and clicked them in! To ensure your studs stay firmly in place a little bit of superglue when securing would not go amiss! There are so many types available, you just have to look!

I love customised and pre loved clothing. There is nothing nicer than having items that are a bit different and special in comparison to what is available on the high street.

Do you like customised shorts? Would you give these a go?

Stephanie xox

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