Fashion: Say hello to O-MIGHTY clothing

O-Mighty Collection

Introducing O-Mighty Clothing

So, are you ever just browsing the Web or chatting away to a friend and discover a brand that you both simply adore?

The latter was the case for me. Last night during an actual ‘casual drink’ with my lovely friend Sayuri (a wonderful photographer-come-journalist-come-superwoman ~ do be sure to check out her work and various other ramblings here) she introduced me to O-Mighty and I fell in love, instantly.

Now, this site may not be everyone’s cup of tea fashion-wise. I often find that fashion is very much down to personal taste – at least it always has been with me, an avid failure when it comes to the latest trends.

O-Mighty is just a fabulous brand, and features a wonderful array of pop-culture, tongue-in-cheek graphic prints, and designs. They have tops (think halters and crops – perfect for summer), bottoms (cute bodycon, flattering skater skirts and ‘booty’ shorts for the more adventurous among us), dresses, rather obscenely worded ‘lingerie’, accessories and even swimwear!

The website originates from Singapore. Considering this, the pricing isn’t as friendly as you’d expect from an Asian website.

It is pretty bold and bright for most people but a lot of fun, match any of these items with something simplistic and they are easy enough to pull off without looking too erratically vibrant – and yes, I would wear ALL of this.

What do you think of O-Mighty? Anything pictured that takes your fancy?

Stephanie xox