The Glennmare Girls by Anya Mora

The Glennmare Girls by Anya Mora

Popular Kitty is missing and a teacher has been injured on campus and cannot recall what happened to him.

In a strange rural elite boarding school, detectives, teachers and Kitty’s friends try to unpick the happenings of that night. What happened to Kitty and what is everyone else hiding?

Located on an island close to Seattle, Glennmare Academy is a strange place for unruly young women of affluent East Coast families that is stringent with its no-technology teaching.

The young women who attend are isolated. They immerse themselves in their studies and friendships to a toxic degree.

One of the most popular among the cohort is Kitty Calloway. She’s a girl who leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets – but she’s now missing.

On the same night, her literature teacher, Wells Halifax, is found on the remote boarding school’s beach unconscious. Once awoken, he has no recollection of the last six months and his close friends are quick to travel to his aid.

Everyone at Glennmare Academy is shocked by the turn of events and detectives and staff are left suspicious of the night’s happenings.

Surely her tight-knit friendship group knows more than they are letting on and just how close was Mr Halifiax to his students?

A rural boarding school filled with secrets

Told cleverly in multiple narratives, The Glennmare Girls by Anya Mora slowly builds suspense with many different points of view. Its short and snappy chapters ensure a great pacing.

The main characters are well-developed and complex. However, more insight into some secondary characters and their interesting backstories would have been appreciated.

Despite this, there’s lots of clever detail throughout alongside twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.

Please note, difficult themes include: sexual assault self-harm, eating disorders, mental health, grooming and animal abuse.

The Glennmare Girls by Anya Mora was released on 18 December 2023 via Joffe Books.

I personally have read The Glennmare Girls. However, I did receive a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley and this post does contain affiliate links.

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