Umberto Giannini ‘Incredible Body’ collection

Umberto Giannini incredible body review

Umberto Giannini review

On a ritual trip to Boots to get my lunch (I am a firm believer that the Boots meal deals are the best in this country), the clearance section caught my eye. Rummaging about, I found a host of hair care products, in particular, this trio from Umberto Giannini.

I have recently promised myself to look after my hair a little better and treated myself to a cut at the Popham salon on the North Parade in Summertown, Oxford. My lovely friend Anna has recently began working there and her positive comment ensured I could not resist getting my hair restyled. It desperately needed it.

I must admit, I was rather gleeful (and a teeny bit smug) about my hairdresser Shaun’s comments on the condition of my hair, which I incidentally, lost a ton of. I am terrible for hair maintenance, and I am the type of girl to crawl out of bed and never make much of an effort when it comes to styling.

Umberto Giannini incredible body review with @Stephmulz

So, what did I think of the Umberto Giannini set?

Shaun completely restyled my hair, ensuring I got my choppy (easy maintenance) layers all over. Having made this promise to spend more time and effort when it comes to my hair, the Umberto Giannini trio was a great place to start. The travel sized set included the Volume Shampoo, Volume Conditioner and Volume Blow Dry Spray for ‘Big Hair’.

The ‘Incredible Body’ collection is suitable for all hair types in need of a volume boost in a bid to gain ‘Hollywood’ hair. I loved the subtle clean fragrance and lovely creamy texture of the shampoo and conditioner, both leaving my hair soft and manageable. Big and messy hair brings me joy.

Leaving my hair to dry naturally overnight, I used the spray the following morning (although advised to apply to damp hair before blow drying, rules are made to be broken). Applying to my roots, I used my paddle hairbrush to subtly build volume, finding it to really bring out my layers.

What attracted me to this set (other than the bargain price) was the beautifully regal coloured packaging in purple and gold, offering a little princess treatment for my hair. The ‘Incredible Body’ collection has since been repackaged to look even lovelier (with the addition of gold caps) and the collection is available here.

Have you used any new hair care products lately? What are your favourites?

Stephanie xox

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