Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris

sold on a monday by kristina mcmorris


When struggling journalist Ellis Reed stages a photo of children for sale, his actions and ambition to succeed lead to some horrific consequences for the pictured family.


Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris is a historical fiction novel set in the Depression era in America.

It’s 1931 and Ellis Reed, a struggling journalist, is trying to make a name for himself at a small newspaper in Philadelphia.

On the off chance, Ellis snaps a picture of two grubby children while on the beat. Sat on a farmhouse porch, the pair hold a sign saying 2 CHILDREN FOR SALE.

Not thinking too much of it, Ellis is surprised when the picture causes a buzz at the newspaper. He’s encouraged to chase the sensational lead. However, on returning, the children are long gone – but the sign remains.

In ruthless desperation, Ellis stages the photo with two local children, hoping for his big break. It soon comes.

Ellis secures the prominent feature and a new job in New York. However, It doesn’t take long to realise the devastating cost of his ambition. Ellis finds himself at the centre of a national debate on child welfare.

Alongside former colleague, Lillian, the duo face a moral dilemma when the story snowballs the lives of the impoverished family. Did Ellis’ desperation supersede their needs?

His actions and desire to succeed lead to horrific consequences for the fractured family. It’s a bleak and hopeless time. Families struggle to make ends meet, and children are often sent away or sold due to financial hardship.

Determined to put things right, Ellis and Lilian must work together to redeem their wrongdoing. Along the way and wracked with guilt, they must face their reality and traumatic pasts in a bid to find peace.

Inspired by a historical photograph from the Great Depression that stunned America, the novel features themes of poverty, loss and redemption while highlighting the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

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